Zombie Returns

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Zombies returns trapped in a nightmare! Today's sassy squad funny vlog video is the return of the zombies. Briar Rose eats some really bad pizza and doesn't feel well. In the middle of nowhere just like the dollmaker videos and the skory, she starts to transform in a zombie! She plays hide and seek with her family just like in Jillian and Addie's return of the zombie video. The zombie apocalypse has begun and Daisy has to find a way to save everyone. Or will the zombie Briar Rose trap her?
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The Sassy Squad is a fun family-friendly channel created by our family. Whether it’s challenges or fun action skits, everyone loves to have fun. We have lots of challenges and skit videos. Sassy Squad members team up and work together to solve a mystery in each skit adventure. Daisy and Briar Rose love to have lots of family fun in their skits and challenges. #sassysquad
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