Zombie Proof Vehicles Tested By Lions

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These are the craziest armored vehicles ever built! Made to withstand major damage, and actually tested by real life lions! From giant armored trucks, to the President of the United States Armored limo - you'll regret now seeing these!

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Whether you’re just really into safety or paranoid about the eventual end of the world, these superpowered danger-proof cars might be exactly what you’re looking for. With tanks and heavy-armoured SUVs available to the world’s elite, who says that everyday vehicles can’t be super-safe too? Manufacturers all over the world are trying to make safer and more advanced cars a reality, and they’ve invented some incredible vehicles in the process.

There’s a luxury Range Rover that can survive 20-pounds of TNT exploding right beside it. There’s a versatile Sherp ATV that can drive through water and up stairs. There’s even a 6-wheeled Rover that can drive passengers over the surface of Mars. And then there’s the AI-powered super Yamaha motorbike that literally responds to your calls for help. From self-flying cars that can get you places faster and safer than a plane to civilian tanks that can be used to get a small community to safety-- or just for a fun survivalist weekend in the woods-- these vehicles are so advanced they could probably help you make it through a zombie apocalypse without a scratch. And while some of them might be a little expensive right now, companies are slowly branching out to make these mega-safe futuristic vehicles available for everyone. And in the meantime, there’s a custom modified Dodge Charger that just might inspire you to apocalypse-proof your own car. So, what are you waiting for? Check out this video for a look at some of the most high-tech danger-proof vehicles in the world.

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