Witch Succesion REWORKED Global Labs August 6th Aakman Temple 5min Test

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Hey guys!

So apparently on global labs, they gave witch the ability to chain cast spells similar to the wizard passive.

gear used is almost identical to my actual gear on live servers.
I forgot to put addons on for this video.

This is a TLDR of all the succession witch changes by Purri from Witch/wizard discord.

First dash of Magical Evasion (the blink) is now Super Armor
Prime Meteors now can be launched instantly after ME-passive with LMB
Prime: Blizzard: Storm: Now doesn't automatically activates after using Magical Evasion
Prime Meteors now don't have their own mind on when to fire when you're riding horse
Lightning Storm now follows camera movement.
All 4 passives were buffed to be similar to Wizards (allowing to instacast succession spells after any succession spell)
If you use 2nd hit of MMA after skill, it doesn't have +100% crit chance
Storage after TP is no more
Meteor: Focus and Blizzard: Domain now behave better after using Magical Evasion.

Differences between Witch/Wizard now seems to now only be:

Wizard keeps split teleport and the ability to instacast after teleport.
Witch has super armor on their first magical evasion every 4 seconds and retains all her current magical evasion mechanics from live servers which includes being able to instacast after magical evasion and "storing" spells with magical evasion. Witch can also chain cast multiple magic arrows after any succession spell without cooldown.

IMO: Wizard is probably still best for pvp due to split teleport being so strong and the ability to instacast after it allows for high-skill cap mouse-to-move shenanigans.

I predict witch to be the strongest, if not, one of the stronger grinding classes in the game if this patch goes live.
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