Why the Galaxy HATED Police Droids - Star Wars

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During the time of the Clone Wars and beyond, police droids were a class of droids that operated with the goal of preventing crime in pre-programmed areas, and to maintain order and security. They would often be used to patrol factories, high security facilities and city centres to maintain order… But sadly, there was one monstrous flaw with Police droids which made them absolutely despised across the galaxy and hated by regular citizens… So lets fully break down police droids.

Police droids or operational policing droids were a type of Fourth Class security droid, which were given programming that allowed them to harm sentient begins, only when specific conditions were met. Usually, these conditions included the breaking of law and the endangerment of other citizens.

Unfortunately however, most of these police droids lacked any ability to understand context and failed to have much situational awareness, very often leading them to turn on random citizens who didn’t even know they were breaking the law.
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