What If You Faced Off Against the Best Sniper

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It's just you versus great sharpshooter. You're alone, exposed, and they've got you in their sights. How do you survive? From the White Feather to the White Death, there's been many super snipers in throughout history and today Fuzzy is facing off against a new breed of super Nutz aka Lady Death Squirrel. Find out what happens when you face off against a sniper in this episode of Fuzzy and Nutz!

0:18 When the idea of the sniper was born
0:47 How do you become a sniper? What's sniper school?
1:18 How many people graduate sniper school
1:32 How snipers make a great long range shot
2:19 How snipers sneak into position
3:16 How long snipers are in the field
3:36 When legendary snipers face off

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