????⚔️ Warrior’s Apprentice ⚔️???? [] GLMM // Gacha Life Mini Movie []

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Hello! Hope you enjoy! Part two will be out soon!
Please note: This is not a Gacha Club Mini Movie. Only the thumbnails is made with Gacha Club.

Plotline: Armond is a young boy trying to fit in with society, although no matter where he goes, everyone hates him becasue of his "freakish" powers. Armond believes that he will never find a place to belong until some royal guards find him and take him back to the palace in order to be a guard. As the years go by, Armond becomes the strongest guard in the kingdom, and befriends the princess of the kingdom, Clarice. But even though Armond seems to have it all, he is unhappy being a guard at the kingdom and decides to run away. On the run, Armond runs into lots of trouble, and unexpected


Time Taken: 5 Days
Screenshots Taken: Around 1200
Apps Used:
-Gacha Life

Ba-Bye! Have a nice day!
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