UMBRELLA ACADEMY Season 2: The Sparrow Academy & Lila Explained | Powers, Theories, Members & More

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UMBRELLA ACADEMY Season 2: The Sparrow Academy & Lila Explained | Powers, Theories, Members & More. We explain the ending of Umbrella Academy Season 2, give our Season 3 predictions, discuss Lila and Breakdown the mysterious Sparrow Academy.

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Ok so Lila Pitts is one of the big new comers in Season Two that ends up becoming attached to the Umbrella Academy in several ways. Like the members of the group she was born on October 1st 1989 with her mother showing little to no signs of pregnancy. Unlike the family though, Lila was not adopted by Sir Reginald Hargreeves and instead she was raised by her parents in London.

After realising that super powered beings may one day lead to the downfall of all life itself, The Handler decided that she needed to build her own army of soldiers and thus she started to put a plan into action.

Because there were 43 children all born with special abilities this massive number could vastly overwhelm any army on earth and the character came to the conclusion that she would need to match them on a level playing field. So she started to study the individuals that would add the most to her army and this is when she came across the one size fits all solution to her

Lila has the ability to mimic those with superpowers and she is very much about taking ones strength and turning it into a weakness. Due to years of practice, Lila is able to completely master someones abilities within an instant, though her powers are limited to one person at a time.

We see this demonstrated to great success in the finale when she tells Allison to stop breathing and went too far.

We discover that The Handler was responsible for Lila's parent's deaths in 1993 and that she hired Number 5 to kill them.

Incase you don't know the Temps Comission travel through time assassinating people that may eventually become problematic and The Handler made the job seem like the utmost importance to Five, hiding the truth about her true intentions.

After Five had disposed of the pair, The Handler took the child and started to train her.

Lila is already an expert in hand to hand combat and add to this her mimic abilities she's not one to be messed with. Because she's so good at adapting and fitting any situation, the Handler sent her to stalk Diego Hargreeves and when he was committed to an insane asylum for trying to stop the assassination of JFK she soon became a member of the institution.

Lila led to the characters escape and this made Diego trust her.

The Sparrow Academy

Now how they were formed we don't know for definite but personally I believe that after meeting the original Hargreeves in the Sixities, Sir Reginald decided that they were complete screw ups and thus adopted seven other individuals instead.

As he never met Ben due to the character being a ghost, he didn't have the foresight to avoid choosing him and thus scooped him up, though it seems like this may have been a bad choice.


Now as for the members of the Academy, the big elephant in the room is of course well Ben.

In the original timeline the character died whilst out on the job, however here is live and kicking looking like a My Chemical Romance fan that just discovered their top tens songs video by WatchMojo.

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