TUMMY TiME with Navey!! Toy Room dinosaur vs unicorn battle and Doctor visit! just a fun Family Day

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and cooking some wiggly breakfast at pirate island!!


Best Tummy Time Day Ever 1157

I love playing with the kiddos. Adley and Niko Bear love playing pretend with me. The kiddos also love playing in the ultimate toy room. Therefore, we all love playing together in the ultimate toy room!! What better way then to start the day than family fun in our amazing toy room. Adley, Niko, and I have a battle with a dinosaur and a unicorn that results in some pretend missing arms and legs. So we have to go to Dr. Jenny who gives us skele gro to get our bones back. After a final dad vs kids duel, come up with a plan to take Olive and Koopa to the lake lot. This will be our pets first time seeing the pirate ship!!

We get to pirate island and the dogs are so excited. They run around, sniffing all the new toys, it's almost like a new backyard for them to explore and tour! Koopa climbs up the pirate ship with me and the kiddos, but Olive doesn't want to. So Adley decides that Koopa is a pirate dog and Olive is a fairy doggo. We then play breakfast routine on the trampoline, where I use Adley and Niko to make eggs, toast, and juice!! YUMMY! I love hearing them laugh while we jump around. Jenny shows up with lunch and then our awesome neighbors take us for a ride on their boat!!

It's nap time now, so Adley and I head downstairs to watch some Barbie and eat warm banana bread. But Adley is super tricky and won't let me eat anything till she picks out what Barbie vlog we're watching. We also come up with some great merch ideas for dipping gram crackers in milk!

Once everyone is awake, its dinner time and I share with you guys one of my mr mom life hacks on a quick and tasty meal. After her dinner, Navey comes downstairs to join the family and we have to update you on tummy time. Baby Navey is getting so good at lifting her head and being on her tummy. I can't believe how big she's is! I love it. We spend some more time as a family admiring the baby before it's time to start our bed time routine!!

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