Thomas wants to know is One More Sleep a Christmas song? please let me know.

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Thomas Murphy wants to know is One More sleep a Christmas song? please let me know. Thomas did the recycling and he told the bus driver the bag will not rip or leak and it is a GLAD bag. It only leaked for a tiny bit but it was not really bad. Thomas almost got $10 out of the recycling and he spent it on Jack in the box. Easter is when Thomas will watch The Ten Commandments every year on Easter. It is Eddie Murphy's birthday and is really funny and he is known for Shrek as the Donkey but they are called Nutty Professor is hilarious. Every year on Easter Thomas puts prosciutto ham on a red baron 4 cheese pizza because if he buys a ham which feeds a lot of people then it wouldn't be good. That is how Thomas has ham for Easter dinner. Next video is Easter.
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