This Wild Life - You Swore Your Love Would Burn (Official Music Video)

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This Wild Life's official music video for their new single 'You Swore Your Love Would Burn' - available now at

Animated by: This Wild Life
Drone and Videography: Alexander Bemis

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Just shoot me straight like whiskey, tell me you don't miss me.
Let me down with dignity go easy, Darling.
Cause I've been holding hope but there's nothing left to hold
So without you I'll just float

If it was up to me, you'd fall into pieces
Dusted completely, you'd be nothing but a bad dream
Your nights would be sleepless, just nightmares and cold sweats
Alone on your mattress where you swore you loved me more
You Swore Your Love Would Burn

You dyed your hair a new shade to color in your blank page
You still look the same, beautiful but boring
What's life like with the new flame? Bet it don't hit quite the same.
So much for needing space

There's nothing here, nothing left. No love that's left to give.
Your bittersweet medicine might help you to forget.
You loved me in your bed, then you left me unmended.
You broke into my heart then you kept it.
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