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White and Sister teach us how to get ready in the morning! Learn to wake up, make the bed, brush your and MORE!

BABY SHARK WHITE presents his parents and siblings in this new season: SHARK FAMILY. He will keep learning and discovering new things every day at the SHARK ACADEMY, but will also do it at home with MOMMY and DADDY SHARK and, of course, with his siblings: SISTER and BABY BROTHER. Every episode is an adventure with the SHARK FAMILY; you'll learn as our BABY SHARKS do, at school and now, home, too!

BABY SHARK WHITE is ready for new adventures at the SHARK ACADEMY and also, at HOME! Meet the SHARK FAMILY, with MOMMY and DADDY SHARK and WHITE'S siblings, of course, SISTER and BABY BROTHER! Join the SHARK FAMILY where every episode is a new adventure!

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