The Witch House Tutorial [Blender 2.9] #blender3d #blendertutorial #housemodelling

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A simply Tutorial. A Witch House made with Blender

All textures to download here

0:00 Intro
0:30 made Assets / Assets vorbereiten
20:00 create roof / Dach erstellen
30:00 Assemble house / Haus zusammen setzen
1:09:00 modelling Door / Tür modellieren
1:12:45 modelling Ground / Boden modellieren
1:14:45 modelling Tree / Baum modellieren
1:44:00 modelling stairway / Treppe modellieren
2:10:00 Ground texturing / Boden texturieren
2:16:26 Environment Setup / Umgebung erstellen

2:37:00 texturing Tree / Baum texturieren
2:51:30 Nature Assets modelling / Pflanzen modellieren
3:11:00 Tree particlesystem / Baum mit Partikelsystem versehen
3:34:27 Final Result / End Resultat

I hope you enjoy the tutorial and it helps you to be creative yourself. The best way to learn it is to build your own house architecture.

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