The MARIO Desert Ghost Explained! - Unseen New DG combos

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#Hetflix Vlog 69 - Desert Ghost is proving to be the ultimate enhancer gene and a must-have in every collection. Here's an update on our DG projects, the Mario Desert Ghosts - plus incredible new combos we've made!


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0:00 Intro -
1:42 New DG Combos
5:24 Redstripe Desert Ghosts!
8:08 Mario Desert Ghost new combos
10:21 Outro


Justin Kobylka is a professional reptile breeder who has pioneered many of the most cutting edge Ball Python morphs and combos for the past 18 years. He has become known for not only his amazing animals, but also for developing and spreading interest in this amazing hobby through his popular YouTube channel and social media.

Justin has traveled worldwide lecturing about Ball Pythons and helping hobbyists develop their passion for these amazing reptiles.

J. Kobylka Reptiles is a dedicated breeding facility in NE Georgia It is well known for innovative work with designer Ball Pythons – redefining what is possible with these amazing species.

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