The Last PUBG Mobile Sniper Montage! My Best Moments #7!

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The Last PUBG Mobile Sniper Montage! My Best Moments #7!
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I would Like to take a moment and thank you all for what has been accomplished in this community. We've truly built a great and astonishing Community.

250 Videos (6 hours) were collected, which had simplified to 450+ clips or 1 hour. Around 150 Clips were in use and the majority were recorded back in Season 6-7. As for Rank and servers, there was a mixture. Some had come from Customs, Middle East Ace/Crown FPP, or Asia FPP TPP Ace/Crown. *NO BOT CLIPS WERE PERMITTED TO BE USED!* Evidence shown on Instagram/Discord! There are a few "Fail" "My best moments" doesnt only include killing people but also learning from mistakes made or the development of my Write that down XD.
This Sniper Montage uses 3 NCS songs: Runaway (Remix), Change Your Mind, and Stay With me (Original). Runaway translates to fast and aggressive gameplay as Change Your Mind Translates to slow and intense gameplay. As For the last song, Stay With I was trying to propose more of a Gun Sync rather than gameplay to watch (something new). That is all.
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