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The Flipped Classroom Model

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The Flipped Classroom is a new method of teaching that is turning the traditional classroom on its head.

Every day, thousands of teachers deliver the exact same lesson in class to millions of students. Every night, millions of students sit over the exact same homework, trying to figure out how to solve it. The Flipped Classroom is turning this upside down.

Traditionally students listen to lectures and take tests in class and read textbooks and work on problem sets at home. In flip teaching, students first study the topic by themselves, typically using video lessons on YouTube and then apply the knowledge by solving problems and doing practical work in class.

Modern schools who flipped their classroom report many benefits: 1. It allows all students to learn at their own pace as videos can be watched again. 2. Its more efficient, as students enter the classroom prepared to contribute. 3. It enriches the lesson as more time can be spent on group work and projects. 4. Doing homework in class allows students to help each other, which benefits both the advanced and less advanced learners.

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