The BATTLE of the best Cheese Sandwich: ???????? vs ????????

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-Sandwich Series Episode Episode 16 - The Welsh Rarebit Sandwich vs the Grilled Cheese Sandwich-
Growing up, I consumed an ungodly amount of grilled cheese sandwiches, so when I first heard about a British version of the cheese sandwich I was certainly intrigued. The Issue was, outside of the internet I had no personal experience with the British version so I set out to sample the Welsh Rarebit in person! 

In this episode of the sandwich series, join Mike as he ventures out into NYC to a british restaurant called Tea and Sympathy to sample his first welsh rarebit made from scratch by the owner herself! After a brief interview to gather as much information as possible, Mike will head back to his home kitchen to make his first Welsh Rarebit completely from scratch. Once accomplished and satisfied with his homemade version, he will whip up a quick grill cheese sandwich for a final showdown between the two to solve the debate… Welsh Rarebit or American Grilled Cheese?

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Creator & Host - Mike G @lifebymikeg
Head Editor - Rachel @rambelang

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