TF2; Why Sniper is Hated

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Some guy starts speaking about how self-aware he is about the serious, significant spacer specialist, Sniper in Seam Sortress Swo.

Apologies for the delay and rushed/shoddy editing especially towards the end of the vide, Youtube punishes you for not uploading regularly meaning one is always rushing to get a video out which sorta sucks when life also wants time and attention from you as well.

Still all's well that ends well.

That Other Video about Quickscoping from someone more famous than me

Music Used;

DK Country - Map Theme

DK Country - Game Over Theme

TF2 - Sniper Theme (?) Actual name missing

TF2 - Robots!

TF2- More Gun

TF2 - Intruder Alert

TF2 - A little Heart to Heart

TF2 - It Hates Me So

TF2 - I used a lot of TF2 Music

TF2 - Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

A Hat in Time - Oh, It's You
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