Teachers' Unions vs. Education: The “Why” Behind School Closures | Guest: Corey DeAngelis | Ep 361

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Today we're joined by school choice advocate Corey DeAngelis to discuss the driving force behind the closure of public schools. Here's a hint: It's not really because of the pandemic. Corey has tons of information to share regarding the problems that teachers' unions pose to an efficient and effective education system. Then, we delve into the controversy surrounding two Texas pastors who referred to Kamala Harris as "Jezebel."


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Show Links:

Religion News Service: "Some Southern Baptist pastors are calling Kamala Harris 'Jezebel.' What do they mean?"

: "Hillary Clinton compares Donald Trump to the Bible's evil and 'corrupt' King Ahab and Melania to Jezebel at Elijah Cummings' funeral as Barack Obama and Bill Clinton lead mourning for Democratic 'north star'"

National Review: "Kamala Harris's Abortion Absolutism"

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