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00:00 One Super League Under the Sea
Supa Strikas find themselves in deep water, literally, as they take on Hydra at the bottom of the ocean! But North Shaw is left top-side after an early morning surf. The central defender must plunge to the bottom of the ocean, fend off the creatures of the deep, and help Supa Strikas win the game. But can he handle the pressure?

20:41 Own Ghoul
Supa Strikas play the Supa League's mysterious new side at their creepy mountaintop stadium. But Big Bo's form takes a serious nosedive when he hears that a former Grimm FC captain haunts the stadium! Is Big Bo just superstitious or is there something more to the legend of Spike Dawson’s ghost?

41:19 Suit Yourself
When Klaus is pushed into the starting lineup just before a big game against Technicali, the pressure quickly gets to him. So, when he stumbles upon Toni Vern’s latest invention, a soccer super-suit, he steals it for himself. Klaus must choose between being the main man and coming clean to his teammates.

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