SPOTIFY TRIGGER CITIES: Some theories are worse than useless

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ChartMetric did a "study" and formed a "theory" about how getting a bunch of Spotify plays in highly populated, highly connected areas where advertising CPMs and local economies are low (compared to the US, UK, Canada, etc.) can "trigger" a windfall of algorithmic blessings from the magic Spotify algorithm.

In this video, I explain why their "study" and "theory" is scientifically and logically bankrupt and why you should ignore it entirely. If you don't believe me or you think I'm wrong, that's fine, mahn. Hopefully this video prevents some people from doing something drastic in their music career based on half-baked data assessments.

This video response was pulled from our private Facebook group and uploaded here so that the explanation could be available to more artists than just the ones in our private community.

Hopefully this makes a lot of sense to you.
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