SPONGEBOB BABY and POP IT Challenge - Seegi Channel

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SPONGEBOB BABY and POP IT Challenge - Seegi Channel
Spongebob and Pop it challenge!
Take care of a SpongeBob baby with Seegi and play Pop It!
0:00 Introl
0:12 Take a little baby Spongebob
4:51 Take care of baby Panda
8:29 Room Escape
10:31 Game Scary Pac-Man
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Welcome to the Stop Motion Paper Channel!
We hope you have a great time.
Not all videos are for children.
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Producer, Director, Screenwriter-Hoa Duong, Nguyen Phuong
Animated -Phuong Anh
Thumbnail-Phuong Lien
Editor and Sound Designer -Huong Pham
Production Designers-Vu Linh
System Developer -Phuong MNguyen

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