Sonic vs. The Flash - Rap Battle! - ft. Mat4yo & Alex M.

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sonic vs. the flash - rap battle! - ft. mat4yo & alex m.

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Alex M. as Sonic

Mat4yo as The Flash

Art & Animation by

Written by Freshy Kanal, Jughead Jay, Evan, Creep Switch and Mat4yo

Additional Help by:
MetaMachine & Gamingplush64

Beat prod. by

Audio Engineered by
Freshy Kanal

Mastered by

Storyboard by
Freshy Kanal

Directed by
Freshy Kanal

Thumbnail by

Special Thanks to SlimPlay

Thanks for Watching!

freshy kanal is a youtube channel that makes rap battles with different characters like video game rap battles, erbparodies and of course epic rap battles of history themselves, yall are EPIC aaand yea what else do i do, cooking shows, behind the scenes of the rap battles, tutorials yada yada yada

sonic the hedgehog is sega's mascot and the eponymous protagonist of the sonic the hedgehog series. sonic the hedgehog is an anthropomorphic hedgehog born with the ability to run faster than the speed of sound, hence his name, and possesses lightning-fast reflexes to match. as sonic the hedgehog species implies, sonic can also roll up into a concussive ball, primarily to attack enemies.

the first sonic game, released in 1991 for the sega genesis, was developed after sega requested a mascot character to compete with nintendo's mascot mario. its success helped sega become one of the leading video game companies during the fourth generation of video game consoles in the early 1990s. sega technical institute developed sonic rap battle the next three sonic games, sonic rap battle plus the spin-off sonic vs flash sonic spinball. after a hiatus during the unsuccessful saturn era, the first major 3d sonic game, sonic adventure, sonic was released in 1998 for the dreamcast. sega exited the console market and continuing the series on nintendo, xbox, and playstation systems.
while so often have sonic vs the flash unique game mechanics sonic the hedgehog and stories and fast-paced gameplay. and shadow the hedgehog, have starred in spin-offs. sonic the franchise has crossed sonic the hedgehog over with other video game franchises in games such as mario & sonic, sega all-stars, sonic and super smash bros

the flash (or simply flash) is the name of several popular comic book characters from the dc comics universe. nicknamed the "scarlet speedster", all versions of the flash who have the ability to travel at a very high speed, use superhuman reflexes and defy the laws of physics. the original flash first appeared in flash comics #1 (cover date january 1940 / release month november 1939). this fictional character was flash created by writer gardner fox and harry lampert.

thus far, at least four different characters each of whom somehow gained the power of the "speed force" have assumed the role of the flash in dc's history: college athlete jay garrick and barry's flash grandson bart allen the flash who becomes "impulse", the second hero flash the flash rap battle known as kid flash. each version of the flash has been a key member of at least one of dc's premier teams: the flash justice society of america, the justice league, flash rap battle and the teen titans. most of the flash stories take place in the fictional city of central city.

the flash is one of dc comics' most popular sonic vs flash characters and has been integral to the publisher's many reality-changing "crisis" storylines over the years. sonic vs flash the original meeting of the golden the flash age flash jay garrick and silver age flash barry allen in "flash of two worlds" (1961) introduced the multiverse storytelling concept to dc readers, which would become the basis for many dc stories in the years flash to come.

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sonic vs. the flash - rap battle! - ft. mat4yo & alex m.
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