Slickest Boxer Ever? Willie Pep's Genius Head Movement & Footwork Explained | Technique Breakdown #2

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Willie Pep once won a round without throwing a single punch. His defense was so impressive and his command over his opponent so obvious that the judges felt he had displayed complete control throughout. And if this surprises you, then it’s probably just because you haven’t seen him fight.

Pep fought 241times in his career, winning 229 of them. His incredible footwork, head movement, and grappling all helped him to become widely acknowledged as likely the best defensive fighter of all time. As Pep himself said, He who hits and runs away lives to fight another day. Pep has inspired countless martial artists, and his style has recently had a resurgence in MMA.

Last time, we took a look at how Pep used his masterful footwork to confuse and bewilder opponents. This time, we’ll look at how Pep incorporated bizzare head movement into his complex footwork to create mind boggling combinations and patterns. These sequences made Pep so elusive that he would often cause world class fighters to clumsily stumble into the ropes as if it were their first time trying to throw a punch.

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