Shark Academy - Pinwin SHARK puts up a THEATRE PLAY - Baby Shark Nursery Rhymes for Children

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Every BABY SHARK, in its first years of life, must learn the ways of its species, the habits and peculiarities of something which will ensure their survival and development in today’s world. And there is no better place for it than the SHARK ACADEMY, where our sharks will discover the surrounding world and all it contains for the first time. It is a super fun place where the toddlers arrive each day full of delight. In fact, when preschoolers enter the nursery, it’s their parents who sob when they say goodbye at the door.
The toddlers will carry out different activities during the day; singing and dancing, having fun in the backyard, playing pirates in the boat-tree, dressing up, unleashing their imagination, playing games, and learning about new shapes and

Every BABY SHARK must learn the ways of its species and there's no better place to learn than the SHARK ACADEMY! The toddlers discover, learn and enjoy new things every day; from singing and dancing, to playing games, dressing up, learning numbers and letters, and the value of friendship. Every episode is a new adventure!

Shark Nursery Songs & Stories:

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