Ryoma joins to talk 100T: from LCS to Academy, CLG's 3-0 weekend and more | HLL 178

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00:00:00 Intro - Ryoma's first time on HLL!
00:24:28 ItsYaBoiJuicy asks Ryoma for his thoughts about Abbedagge's performance
00:31:30 Skillshotmaster420 asks Ryoma how he is able to perform under pressure
00:36:05 Alienware break!
00:39:09 Aemulator's take: Don't buy the IMT hype.
00:53:45 dancing blades' take: Spica has always been top 3 junglers, but gets overshadowed by Blaber.
01:02:05 Community's take: Soligo and Dardoch's benching signals the decline of DIG
01:13:55 GottyBoy's take: With big name players being benched, the LCS is losing its draw for fans
01:26:30 Travis asks Ryoma for the tea
01:28:40 Game Fuel break!
01:31:27 iAmZeGinger wants to talk CLG's 3-0 weekend
01:46:30 BT thinks Jenkins is a top3 Top laner in LCS
01:52:00 Outro
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