@Rude Sniper on his Real Life Controversy, Motivation & Discord I Speaks Fea Show Ep.2

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Speaks Fea " The Indian Gaming Podcast" feat Rude Sniper | Episode 2

Ankit Lamba "Rude Sniper" runs a channel covering gaming community controversies and explaining them to my audience and also Exposing frauds and scams in the gaming community

In this Podcast, He Talks about his Real Life Controversy, Motivation & Discord

Rude Sniper Social Media Handles:-


00:00 - Intro
01:04 - How to manage Hate
07:55 - How to Improve yourself/ How people play Important role in life
09:55 - Discord Story
11:18 - Mistakes of Rude sniper
14:04 - Talk on Demotivation
16:40 - How to decide B/w Right & Wrong.
18:40 - Real Life Controversy
29:30 - Child Harassment
30:40 - College Politics
32:30 - YouTube Copyrights
36:40 - How to co-operate with Controversies
38:10 - How controversies Play an important role in IGC.
40:00 - Hobbies
47:46 - Message

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