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I've take a dip in the most famous shooter in the Command and Conquer world - RenegadeX. It's a departure of what we normaly do this channel but I enjoyed it very much! The FPS are a bit wonky I'll adjust the settings for the third game (the second video is already made).

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Renegade X:

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Renegade X is not a direct remake of C&C Renegade. Yes, you will see familiar maps, characters, weapons, and vehicles - the fundamentals of the game are the same. But, no weapon is identical to the way it was before. Certain vehicles play quite differently. A moderate amount of recoil and weapon spread has been given to guns. The graphics, audio, and physics have received a complete overhaul. Secondary weapons and new items have been added. Capturable buildings have been added. There's so much that is different - but keep in mind that we are die-hard Renegade fans, and we are very careful with the things we change. I played vanilla Renegade from the demo (November 2001) till about 2010, so I understand those who are most resistant to change. But, this is a new game, we are a new team of developers, and we're more interested in making a spiritual successor to C&C Renegade than simply redoing the game exactly as it was. There will be people who don't like our game, and that's fine. W3D Renegade is still alive and very playable. Just come in with an open mind and tell us what you think.

This immense opportunity comes with a great responsibility on our shoulders. It is our job to deliver the best game possible, and with your help, we believe we can give Renegade a pulse.

Since the beginning, Renegade X was a community project. This is our game, it belongs to all of us. We're paving a way for players, communities, and even developers to go, and we're not asking for a dime.

It's time to rock and roll!
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