Red Bull-Honda "Even Stronger" - Ferrari Drivers “Are Free to Race Against Each Other”

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0:08 - Honda Engine Development “Impressive”
1:01 - Ferrari Drivers “Are Free to Race Against Each Other”
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Honda Engine Development “Impressive”

Ever since the dawn of the hybrid era, Red Bull has found itself on the back foot and has been playing catch-up to Mercedes and even Ferrari to a lesser extent. Team principal Christian Horner is now optimistic that his team can be competitive and he expressed his confidence by saying:

''It is always nice to start the season again. It is a fresh start in that regard and that is always good. We have had a great debut year with Honda and that has made our collaboration even stronger.”

He suggested the improvements to the chassis and engine as the primary reasons for that.

"We have had a positive winter in which a lot has been worked and much has been improved. This applies to the chassis, but of course also to the engine. It is impressive what kind of work there has been in it."

If this turns out to be true then it will make many in F1 very happy as the fans have all been clamouring for a competitive season of F1.

Ferrari Drivers “Are Free to Race Against Each Other”

Ferrari was expected by many to be the team to finally apply the brakes on Mercedes' championship run in 2019 and even though they had strong patches, they couldn't mount much of a challenge and eventually their title hopes fizzled off.

Many blamed this partly on the intense rivalry between Vettel and Leclerc that led to numerous incidents on track including a double DNF.

Naturally, some fans expected Ferrari to enforce team orders in 2020 as has been done many times in past years. However, if Leclerc is to be believed, then Ferrari will continue to allow its drivers to race against each other freely.

"We understood the lesson from what happened in Brazil. It is true, we are free to race against each other, but we are also teammates and there are many people who work to allow us to do our best on the track.”

He also reiterated that he will do things differently so that Ferrari's hands are not forced.

"For this, episodes like that of Interlagos no longer have to happen. Probably, I think we will both keep more room to try to always stay safe from these situations."

Only time will tell if this policy of free racing between teammates is the right way forward for Ferrari's championship aspirations.

Fast Feed

- Red Bull driver Max Verstappen cannot wait for testing and is glad he could "get the car running and check all the bits" to ensure "that it is all working before" the team heads to Barcelona

- Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto revealed that Vettel is their "first choice at the moment" when he was quizzed about the chances of Hamilton joining Ferrari in 2021

- Binotto also added that they will stick to the front wing concept of last season as he thinks that it "is the right concept for" them as they have increased their downforce “quite a lot" "downforce by making the car slimmer

- Renault's new driver for 2020, Esteban Ocon is excited "to see the design" of the new cars and wants "to be behind the wheel and" feel "what it's like"

- Renault's other driver, Daniel Ricciardo feels that his second season is "going to be easier" as he has "learnt a lot about" himself and "about the team"

- Renault president Jerome Stoll wants the team to "recapture the positive momentum from" their "first three years since returning to Formula 1"

- The FIA on Wednesday announced that the Chinese GP in April will be postponed, with F1 CEO Chase Carey adding that it won't be "easy to reschedule this late"

- Ross Brawn has allayed fears regarding the Vietnam GP facing a similar plight by saying: "The advice we are getting is that it can go ahead there"
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