Recording Bloodborne: After Vicar Amelia || [FAQ IN DESCRIPTION, BLIND STREAM, NO SPOILERS]

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Stream chat rules:

Q: What makes a "spoiler"?
A: Any information that 1) I do not ask for and 2) tells me something that I'm not "supposed" to know, like weapon locations, secrets, treasures, NPC locations, lore, boss weaknesses and so on. If you see someone posting spoilers in chat, you can help me out by spamming "BONE LORDS" to make their message scroll away before I see it.

Q: Why aren't you interacting/responding to chat?
A: I am recording footage for a video series which does not feature audience interaction. I will make breaks while we stream to check in on you guys sometimes, but it won't be much.

Q: Why was I muted?
A: I have asked my mods to be pretty strict with moderation. See the stream chat rules above.

Q: Why aren't donations showing up on stream?
A: I need the footage to be "clean" for my video series, but I WILL read and respond to all super-chats and donations eventually.

Q: How "blind" is this playthrough?
A: The honest answer is it's MOSTLY blind. I know a little bit by cultural osmosis. See my introductory video to the series for more details:

Q: Will you ever do "Boss Designs ?"
A: After Bloodborne comes Dark Souls 3. After Dark Souls 3 comes Demon's Souls or Elden Ring. I will NOT make plans beyond that, please don't ask.

Q: How long are you recording?
A: Depends. I record until I have beaten at least one boss, or for about 3-4 hours, usually.

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