Rare KV-2 WW2 Footage - КВ-2 серийный - Танк, танк клим ворошилов 2 - part 2.

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Rare KV-2 WW2 Footage - КВ-2 серийный - Танк, танк клим ворошилов 2 - part 2.

The KV-2 was a heavy tank based on the KV-1, used by the Soviet Union in World War II.
Compared to the KV-1, the tank had a new larger turret with an M-10 152 mm M1938 howitzer.

The KV-2 was a tank with enormous firepower to break through defenses and destroy bunkers. Although it had a howitzer in its gun turret, it was intended for direct fire. The tank had a huge gun turret that really stood out, especially when it was in open ground. The tank had two loaders, a gunner and a commander in the turret, the radio officer and driver were in the hull.
This KV-2 was much heavier than the KV1 and was therefore a lot slower.
The body armor was thickened frontally to 110 mm, and otherwise the hull was identical to that of the KV-1.

Captured KV-2s were used by Germany as artillery observation vehicles, due to their high turret, and were called (Sturm) Panzer kampfwagen KV-II 754 (r).

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