Racing against the GAME FILES THEMSELVES - SM64 Corruption Racing

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This reminds me of SM64 Chaos edition a little bit.
Let me know if you would like to see more in the future, have a great day!
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What's going on Newborn Nation, Newbornkilik here welcoming you to SM64 Corruption Racing! SM64 Corruption Racing is a series where I race against the ever corrupting game files of Super Mario 64. This is done by using the Vinesauce rom corruptor and putting in place a small but continual corruption.

this process may also be more commonly accepted as SM64 hacking or Super Mario 64 hacking

Today we tackle Bob-Omb Battlefield and try our best to defeat the first boss King Bob-Omb. Normally a simple tasks, but during a corruption race, nothing is simple.

SM64 looks like a great game so let's play some SM64!

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