Pokémon DPPt: Route 209 Big Band Jazz Arrangement (2020 Version)

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One, twenty-one guns! Lay down your arms, give up the

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Man, I love this song. Believe it or not, this is my THIRD time arranging this song on my channel. This melody is one of my favorite melodies from Sinnoh. Apparently, a lot of people think similarly, since this was one of the Sinnoh tunes remixed for Smash back when Brawl came out! I think it's a tune that really captures the essence of Sinnoh, in a similar way to how I think Route 120 captures the essence of Hoenn, Route 26 for Johto, and Route 5 for Kanto. Wow I'm a nerd for knowing all of those route names and themes lol.

This re-arrangement is mostly based on my 2016 arrangement of this song! I took inspiration from a Brian Blade tune called "Crooked Creek" that I was really into at the time, and adapted the Route 209 melody to fit a light 5/4 swing feel. Looking back at that arrangement, I did have a couple of gripes with it that I think I managed to solve or at least better approach in this arrangement! Some of those gripes include the intro (I see what I was going for, but I think the reharm was way over the top), not including enough from the source material, and drawing too much from the style of the tune I was inspired by. These were all things I kept in mind while re-arranging this track, which has turned out to be the single longest arrangement for the Year of Sinnoh! I'm not mad about that at all, haha.

I'm so lucky to have so many great players at my disposal to work with (and this is something I would certainly like to take advantage of more going forward with the channel!) This band is comprised of a mix of Berklee friends and YouTube friends who I all reached out to for the purpose of recording on this arrangement, and everybody really delivered! Of course, I have my tricks for making remote big band collaborations sound tight, haha, but I am so pleased with everyone's performances! A special shout-out goes to Andrew (Trombone 1), who came over to my place and recorded his trombone part / solo in my studio! We did a socially distanced recording session in my own home, which was pretty fun to set up, haha, and I'm so pleased with how his contribution turned out!

Anyway, hope you enjoy this tune for like, the third time, haha. We're less than a month away from the release of the final Year of Sinnoh album, more news and announcements to come for that very very soon! Hope you're hyped :)

Trumpet / Flugel 1: Will Trueblood
Trumpet / Flugel 2 (Solo): Tyler Jenkins
Trumpet / Flugel 3: Max Boiko
Trumpet / Flugel 4: Robby Duguay

Trombone 1 (Solo): Andrew Sumabat
Trombone 2: Dean Scarlett
Trombone 3: Eric L
Bass Trombone: Beck Ghantous

Guitar: Josh Vasquez
Drums: Dom Palombi

Everything else - Carlos Eiene

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