Pokemon Twilight Wings - OFFICIAL English Dub Opening [FANMADE]

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Hey guys, so like a lot of 90s kids, I was a huge Pokemon fan growing up (shocker), however I fell off with the series right after Gen 4 (Diamond and Pearl) as my last Pokemon games and watching the anime, while catching new stuff here and there, but I've always been cheering it on from the sidelines. However after that new music video that dropped which was GORGEOUS, it sent a wave of nostalgia for the series that I felt like I had to make something for the franchise, even if it was small. I decided to do something with Twilight Wings since that's some of the best Pokemon animation I've seen (besides the new music video of course). The trouble was that I didn't want to use a song from any other anime, strictly Pokemon. I felt that using another anime song for this would be kind not 100% true, so being the American that I am, I went ahead and decided to go old school and use the English Dubbed Pokemon Theme a remix, but something still familiar. I hope you all enjoy it! It was something quickly put together just for fun and as a fan.
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