(Open Multiverse + Mutimation Collab) Blame It On The Kids (6/7 Taken) (0/7 Done)

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1. One Part Per Person

2. This Is A Multfandom Collab So Add Anything FNAF, HALO, OC's Etc.

3. Any Animation Programs

4. Must Add Watermark

5. AMV Edits Are Included

Say "Don't Blame" If You Read The Rules?


Part 1:(My Part Not Done)

Part 2:RonnieSFM(Part Not Done)

Part 3:Blue Candy Animations(Not Done)

Part 4:Chica39 SFM Animator(Part Not Done)

Part 5:SpringtrapAngelD4rk SFM(Part Not Done)

Part 6:PokemonLover666W(Part Not Done)

Part 7:

Deadline:August 10th
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