[OPEN] Apocalypse Kids | The Kids Aren't Alright

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*SHORTER COLLAB - with short parts!

[due to issues with disappering links; please send parts to
collab.parts@hotmail.com - or send to us on FB if you have us!]


•Leave a couple seconds of CLIP after your part (not faded to black)
•No Repeats
•No Disney/Kiddie (will consider exceptions to this rule)
•No Coloring/Tag/Watermark
•Voiceovers are fine. Send seprate audio.
•HQ Clips Please
•Light Sparkles/Text is fine.
•Have parts in by deadline,or you will be replaced.
•you may have more than one part
•parts are NOT first come first serve.
•PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE match clips to lyrics best you can!

Part 1:staticxdesire - Carl Grimes//TWD
Part 2:staticxdesire - Judith Grimes//TWD
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:ResidentJazz - Claire//Vanished: Left Behind
Part 6:AlecxLightwood - Young Hester//The Mortal Engines

Deadline: October 13th
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