NEW Cars, Rims, Bodykits + NIGHT MODE! - CarX Drift Racing

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4 new cars added into the game, 32 new rims, crazy bodykits and night mode in CarX Drift Racing Online. Unique drift cars like Eleganto, Unicorn and Patron GT. Bodykits for Hachi-Roku, Hachi-Go, UDM3, Hakosuka, Horizon GT4, Pirate, Lynx and Syberia SWI. This is a PTR update that will soon be added into the normal version of carx. Night mode for 2 drift tracks: Winter Red Ring and Navaro Base A. Night time winter drifting with headlights, finally! The new deep dish rims look so good as well. We didn't get CarX Streets, but at least we got this massive update instead.

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