Netflix's The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Review: Weird And Wonderful

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The Umbrella Academy Season 2 dropped on July 31st, and it is exactly what you'd expect. Here is Meg Downey's review of the new season of the Netflix original series.

Chances are, if you're watching The Umbrella Academy Season 2, then you've finished Season 1 and you already know what you're in for. Netflix's surreal family drama/sci-fi superhero action thriller planted its flag in the ground last year with a charming and fresh 10-episode debut that took the comic book source material by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba and made it into something totally new. It was exciting and weird and populated with characters that felt just familiar enough to love at first sight.

Now, the dysfunctional Hargreeves siblings, Luther, Diego, Klaus, Ben, Allison, Vanya and Five, are returning for a new adventure--or, well, a sort-of new adventure. So, how is it? We’ll go light on spoilers for the new season and won’t reveal any major plot points if you’re still watching. Here is our review of Season 2.

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