My 7 year old son vs my fiancée | Armwrestling battle

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I want to say something about kids and armwrestling. In this vid you see my 7 year old son armwrestling my fiancé.

Some background.

I have never taught Bradley at any specific moment technique using words or only thing that has ever been a factor for teaching him how to move is him being around the sport. He watches me compete, he watches me train and he grips up with kids at school and occasionally with me.

Despite only having a basic tuition, Bradley very clearly understands the principles of staying tight, elbow positioning, regripping, side pressure timing, and even a smooth transition into the king's move at the

It really does amaze me. A foundation of technique is always the right place to start, and Bradley genuinely amazes me with how much he has learned though simply observing the sport.

When he grips up with kids at his school he is king of the table with an endless amount of his his rivalry with Joanne remains a fierce battle with Joanne never having lost right and Bradley never having lost says to me he wants to be a professional Armwrestler

Translating all of this to adult competitive me it shows the value of studying the sport. Watch it, dream about it, shadow box it, and create the right neurological pathways as beat you reward is no doubt significant.

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