Monster School : Lucky Wheel With Coffin Dane Version - Funny Minecraft Animation

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✔️ Monster school organized the lucky wheel game. The coffin team is always lurking to work with the less fortunate.

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✔️ Music:

Monkeys Spinning Monkeys, The Builder, Scheming Weasel, Investigations, Sneaky Snitch, Fluffing A Duck, Arcadia_Wonders by Kevin MacLeod () licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution License

by ()

Cute Laugh , Girl by Silversatyr ()

Clap Single by Inspectorj ()

Shaky Breaths - Frightened Scared Young Lady Girl by Aderumoro ()

by Noisecollector ()

Nice Mouse Squirrel Cartoon by Dersuperanton ()

Sad by Benboncan ()

by Grunz ()

Screams Of Frustration by Jorickhoofd ()

Dramatic Piano by Jobro ()

What The (Bleep)! by Zacmakesloudnoises ()

Wood Slide Whistle - Cartoon by Casemundy ()

Breathing by Ckvoiceover ()

Cartoon Squeak Fast by Motion_S ()

Howling by Inchadney ()

Flame Ignition by Hykenfreak ()

Big Impact Hit And Glass Shatter by Fredzed ()

by Herbertboland ()

Angry by Qubodup ()

Cartoon Laugh (Bear) by Ultradust ()

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