Metroid: The Movie - Act 1 | A Storyboard Concept

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A year and a half in the making, Derrick's passion project is finally complete! Join him for this 3 part presentation on just how a Metroid Movie could work complete with artwork and limited voice acting!

In Act 1, Space Pirates are wreaking havoc on the galaxy as they seek to find and control the lifeform known as a Metroid. Their warpath will cross with a young girl named Samus Aran as her life is changed forever by a grim fate.


Written, Edited, & Directed By
Derrick Bitner (@BitnerdGX)

Artwork, Costume Design, & Character Designs
Daeyumi (@_Daeyumi_)

Cast (In Order of Appearance)

Young Samus Aran
Corinne Sudberg (@Megami33)

Virginia Aran
Aimée Little (@BelleAim_)

Luis Bermudez (@LuisBermudezVO)

Mother Brain
Eileen Anglin (@EileenAnglinVO - )
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