Lower Steering Shaft Replacement - 2003 Lincoln Town Car and Other Panther Cars

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For this video, we will show how to replace the lower steering shaft, which often causes binding in the steering, on this 2003 Lincoln Town Car. The steps are very similar on other 2003 and up Panther chassis cars such as the Ford Crown Victoria, and Mercury Grand Marquis. The 2003/2004 Marauder also uses this part - the steps should be the same, however with the DOHC motor, access may be varied slightly.

Also when done we found the intermediate steering shaft was contributing slightly to the binding, and will be replacing that in an upcoming video. Since you may wish to do both, we've including a link to that part below, however this video does not show any of the steps in removing.

Also, we do not have part numbers for the pinch bolt replacements - you will need to ask your dealer.

Finally, remember to utilize your service manual for the full steps to do this, or seek via an online resource such as

Tools and Parts Links for this Job:

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Steering Wheel Holder Tool:

Lower Steering Shaft (5W1Z-3B676-A) - 2003-2011 Panther Chassis (Check parts fit reference on site):

Intermedia Steering Shaft (3W1Z-3B676-AB) - 2003-2004 ONLY! (Check parts fit reference on site) - NOT INSTALLED in this video, but sharing in case needed:

(Future video with this part installation coming soon.)

Other Tools Used:
Gearwrench 57pc 3/8 Drive SAE and Metric Socket Set:

Gearwrench 4pc Ratchet Set - 120xp Flex Head, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2:

ARES 70330-9-Piece Wobble Extension Set:

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