Love yourself | Crow & Peacock | Moral stories | Storytelling | Ishanvi Gupta | LITKIDS Open Mic S2

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Love yourself | Crow and the Peacock | Moral stories | Story telling | Ishanvi Gupta | LITKIDS Open Mic S2

About this video-
This video is the OpenMic Series by Litkids. This series showcases the immense talent that the kids have and we at Litkids are trying to give them a platform for it. So please support our little ones and boost their confidence by sharing this video.

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#OpenMic Entry ~

Competition: #STORYTELLING
Name: Archisha Verma
School: Cambridge Court World School

LITKIDS Open Mic is an online talent hunt open to all school kids.

About this video-
1-) Open Mic For Kids
2-) Stories By Kids
3-) Moral Stories
4-) Moral Stories by kids
5-) Best Child Auditions
6-) politeness importance
7-) Kids lit
8-) Kids stories

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