Looking Inside An LS Powered Police Car Engine That Idled For 12 Months! 357,000 Miles Of ABUSE!

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In this video, I remove and take apart the engine from my 2012 Chevy Caprice Police Patrol Vehicle or PPV. I removed the engine just like it's put together at the factory by lifting the entire body off the engine, cradle, suspension, and transmission! This engine idled for 12 months and was abused and driven hard for years with no history of ever having any engine work at all! This is a V8 LS engine and it has the problematic displacement on-demand or DOD and we take it all apart to see what's inside. Looking inside this engine was a ton of fun and what we find inside the engine is surprising. I already have all the new parts for the build so this tired cop car engine will be back stronger than ever.

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I'm proud to have these all American companies supporting this build.
England Green and their Mayhem Cam -
Circle D Torque Converters -
Speed Engineering Headers -
Brian Tooley Racing -

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