LITKIDS Open Mic Season 1 Grand Finale | RESULTS | Winners Announcement

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LITKIDS Open Mic - India's largest virtual talent hunt for Kids

LITKIDS Open Mic Season 1 concluded on the 15th August 2020 with a thrilling live finale on the LITKIDS YouTube channel , garnering over 50000 LIVE views and 10000+new subscribers.

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The LIVE finale of LITKIDS Open Mic was judged by an esteemed panel of judges that included:

Mr. Neeraj Gaba – Fashion and Style consultant, Phygital motivational speaker
Ms. Lipi Goyal – Anchor, Actor & Soft skill trainer
Mr. Rajneesh Jaiswal – Founder of Grace Acting School
Mr. KG Ramnarayan – Co-founder Wobble Creative & Content, Producer Times of Music, Singer & Percussionist
Ms. Archana Deshmukh – Actress, Director, Writer & Producer, Mr. Harry Parmar – Casting Director at Mukesh Chahabra Casting Company
Ms. Tabassum Modi – Director Victor Tango & Founder – LITKIDS


LITKIDS - a lit fest for kids, is a destination for kids to explore the world of literature, culture, art & music alongside celebrating their own creative expression through fun and challenging competitions.

LITKIDS brings together a community of kids who are talented, smart, confident, opinionated, well-read, culturally inclined, artistic and achievers in their own right. It offers content to develop their skills and creativity by learning from the best in LITKIDS Masterclass, The LITKIDS Talk Show, LITKIDS Influencers, LITKIDS Learn & LITKIDS Express. It gives a global platform and recognizes their potential through contests like Open Mic, Dance, Nursery Rhymes, etc.

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