Leo the Truck and Street Vehicles: How to Assemble Cars and Toys - Full Episode Cartoon

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Learn how to assemble cars and toys in a full cartoon episode about Leo the truck and street vehicles. Come watch car cartoon full episodes for kids in English about Leo the truck and his friends. In the first part of the car cartoon for kids, Leo the truck will assemble a submarine for kids. In the second part of the kids' cartoon about cars and trucks, Leo the cartoon truck will make a toaster for his kitchen. In the third part of the learning cartoon for kids, Leo the truck and friends will open Christmas presents and celebrate New Year’s. In the last part of the educational cartoon for children, Leo the truck will build a carwash for cars, trucks, and street vehicles. Find all full episode car cartoons for kids and Leo the truck adventures for kids on our kids' cartoon channel.

00:01 - Leo the truck and the submarine
05:20 - Leo makes a toaster
10:27 - Leo and friends opening presents
14:42 - Leo the truck and the carwash

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