Klagmar's Top VGM #3,572 - Minoria - Witch of Ranillia

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Systems: Windows, Switch (eShop), PlayStation 4 (PSN), Xbox One (XBLA)
Game: Minoria
Music Titles: "Witch of Ranillia ~ Decisive Battle," "Witch of Ranillia ~ On the Brink of Death," & "Witch of Ranillia ~ Devoir"
Composers: nk & Elektrobear

Get the soundtrack here:

0:00 - Witch of Ranillia ~ Decisive Battle"
1:21 - "Witch of Ranillia ~ On the Brink of Death"
2:41 - "Witch of Ranillia ~ Devoir"

A list of my favorite video game music. It's not in any order, and is intended purely for entertainment. Perhaps it will also introduce a few obscure titles or unknown songs. Enjoy!
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