Kid's Story #5 - Westchester and Yonkers Families Rally for Open Schools USA - March 13, 2021

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We had an AWESOME #OpenSchools​ rally in Yonkers on March 13, 2021! Bunches of Westchester and Yonkers families, great signs, and a lot of friendly honking cars (thank you!) … all coming together to say ENOUGH is ENOUGH! It's been a year since #FlattenTheCurve​ and our kids still aren't back in real school, and that's unacceptable. It's damaging our kids in ways we won't understand for years. It needs to stop now, and we need to go back to real, normal school: 5-day, full-week, all-in. #OpenSchoolsNow​!

This rally was part of a nation wide Open Schools USA even, linking thousands of national protests across thousands of districts, featuring millions of kids, parents, teachers, doctors and child advocates. All coming together for the best cause in the world: our kids!

Remember: the data is IN! The science is IN! And kids need to be IN, too. OpenSchoolsUSA! ????
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