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A girl alone at home , drawing & colouring the picture of universe, suddenly unusual power off, she lights the candle ,while comes at her place, a dog barks at the door, when she turns to the door,a weird light blinks on the door glass from outside,,,she gets feared and nears to open the door, when she opens the door, a wild wind blows the fire of the candle, it gets off. It scares her , she screams, suddenly, weird sound be hearing,light gets on and she becomes normal and her face turns to amazing smile , a Magical space appears, What Next? Watch this video and enjoy.

Concept, VFX, Making & Editing : Chingupop Kids Creatives
#myuniverse #space #kids #kids video funny #magic video #Genie aladdin #chutties #magic #blackmagic #bootham #ghost #Aladdin #aladdinandthewonderfullamp #maayabazaar1957

Background Tracks / Effects

Music: The Devil's Horses
Musician: ndl$
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