Kid Conservationist goes to NYC!

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Kid Conservationist heads to New York City for the 9th annual Wildlife Conservation Film Festival | 2019. I had the pleasure of interviewing Geoff Spanner, the producer of Desert Wetland, a film that won the 2019 Best Ecosystem Film. Geoff taught me a lot about many animals from Australia and about why I need to continue my fight for the Orangutans. Check out the trailer for his film at

I also got to see the film, Disappearing Souls, from Jayaprakash Bojan who was the 2017 National Geographic Photographer of the Year. This film was ALL ABOUT ORANGUTANS, so you know I loved it.

If you are interested in attending the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival next year visit I hope to attend again! New York City has so much to see and do and it has the tallest buildings I have ever seen!

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