JUST THE BEGINNING... | Soul Love (Ep. 1) | Minecraft Roleplay

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Welcome to White Oak Academy where two twins, Ember and Everett, are starting their freshman year of high school. They're about to be tossed in the deep end of high school and everything else that comes along with it. But it's only high school, what could go wrong?

Hope you guys enjoy Soul Love but this just the Stay sweet and I'll see you later.

Story Co-written by: Caleb and Moon

Voice Actors:
Ember (Em): me
Everett (Ev): xxCaleb78xx -
Holden: MattTheBoy
Naomi: Arcane -
Callum: PhoenixGem -
Cameron: Premade -
Mom: MoondustBri -
Dad: Pandafire11 -

Body Actors:
Lilly -
PhoenixGem -
Pandafire11 -
White_Wolves -

Builder / Decorator Help from:
Rayluvsyou -
White_Wolves -

Thumbnail Design by: Lilly -

Skins designed by: Caleb and Moon

Map made by: axianerve
Link to Map:

Music from:

Thank you everyone for all of your help! Go show your love and support for everyone here!
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